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Motorcycle Helmets

We stock several types of motorcycle helmets, each with its own unique features and benefits. All of our helmets are DOT approved. 
Each style and brand is designed with certain head shapes in mind, like round or oval. To further customize the fit, the inside padding of a helmet may be changed out to a different size. The best way to choose a helmet for yourself is to try several on in different sizes. No one likes to end up with a helmet that shifts around in the wind or causes a headache after wearing it for 20 minutes. The Renegade team will be glad to help you find the right fit for your adventures in the wind. 

Full-face helmets

Full-face helmets provide the most protection and coverage, as they cover the entire head and chin. They typically have a visor that can be opened or closed, and offer the best protection against wind, dust, bugs, and other debris. However, they can be heavy and bulky, and some riders may find them uncomfortable or restrictive.

Modular helmets

Modular helmets, also known as flip-up helmets, combine the coverage of a full-face helmet with the convenience of an open-face helmet. They feature a chin bar that can be flipped up, allowing riders to eat, drink, or communicate without removing the helmet. However, they can be heavier and noisier than other helmet types. New in this category is the 180-degree Modular which allows for moving the chin bar to the back of the helmet, converting from a full-face style to an open-face style. 

Open-face helmets

Open-face helmets, also known as 3/4 helmets, cover the top and back of the head but leave the face and chin exposed. They offer good ventilation and visibility but provide less protection than full-face and modular helmets.

Half helmets

Half helmets, also known as skull caps or brain buckets, cover only the top of the head and provide the least protection. They are lightweight and allow for maximum ventilation but it is recommended that they only be used for low-speed riding.

Off-road helmets

Off-road helmets, also known as motocross or dirt bike helmets, are designed for off-road or dirt riding. They typically have a visor but no face shield and offer more ventilation and less weight than other helmet types. Please note that we do not carry these types of helmets in stock.



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